Canadian Tire money goes digital

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Canadian Tire is adding a digital component to their loyalty program.

Come next month the retail giant will introduce a digital option to collect and redeem their famous Canadian Tire money. This will give consumers the choice to collect credit on a card or smartphone app.

But the retailer wants customers to know this new platform is building on the original paper method, not replacing it.

“As we did a pilot in Nova Scotia, one of the important things we learned was offering the digital option. It provides an easier way to collect and redeem Canadian Tire money and gives us a different channel to communicate with our customers,” said Shawn Stewart, Associate Vice-President of Loyalty at Canadian Tire.

The new digital feature offers consumers new perks, allowing Canadian Tire to offer promotional deals that cater to customer’s purchase history.

“We can communicate special offers. So rather then the base money you would get when you make your purchases, we’re going to offer alot of different promotional offers on product,” Stewart said.

The program will launch in Nova Scotia on October 10th, and the rest of Canada on October 28th.

  • There is more then $1-billion of Canadian Tire money in circulation
  • The loyalty program is known for it’s fictional Scottish character Sandy McTire
  • The original loyalty program was introduced in 1958
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