Brain injury victim launches business

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

A Brain Injury victim launches her very own business, The Friendly Visitor, on Friday.

34 year old Amanda Stark was in the front-seat of a car which was T-boned, when she was 15 years old.

Stark says her body had to be rescued from the jaws of life, and Doctors were unsure what the outcome would be, they debated if she would ever walk again.

Stark says after a strong journey to recovery with injuries to the emotional centre of her brain, she faces challenges like fatigue and stress.

Stark spent the past couple months job hunting, and finally realized she knows she is confident and capable of becoming an entrepreneur.

With the help from a government grant meant to help entrepreneurs start a business she has created The Friendly Visitor.

She says The Friendly Visitor has a goal of assisting clients with life experiences in and outside of the home.

Stark provides a helping hand, whether to adults affected by an injury or illness, or support with arons and activities .

Stark says she is just starting to take clients and has her first client scheduled for next week.

Stark tells the X it is nice to be where she is today, functioning normally and being independent with her own business.

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