Jane Goodall offers call to action during Western lecture

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Jane Goodall offers call to action during Western lecture

Dr. Jane Goodall told the crowd at Western University, “there’s still so much to discover.”

The world’s leading chimpanzee expert gave a lecture at Alumni Hall on Thursday night and offered a call to action to save the planet. She told the audience it’s time to start treating the environment and wildlife with greater care.

Goodall asked the crowd, “how come the most intellectual creature on this planet is destroying its only home?” She added that in studying chimpanzees for over four decades, she has learned how humans are not as different from other animals as they think.

Still, the famous primatologist says it’s not too late to change.

“Every single one of us makes an impact on the planet every day and we get to choose what kind of impact we want to make,” Goodall told the audience.

She also offered a message of hope and encouragement for aspiring young scientists.

Goodall told students, “people will laugh at you and tell you your ideas are stupid — and they might be — but they might not be.”

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