Final day for 300 Kellogg’s workers

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Final day for 300 Kellogg's workers

There were 300 workers at the Kellogg’s plant on Dundas street that faced their final shift at the plant today.

That will leave 180 workers remaining who will continue to make only two products until the plant shuts down for good in December. For Chief Steward of the Kellogg’s union, Brad Dwyer, the wait was hard to handle as this day approached.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Dywer said “we knew we were closing by December and it’s been a long wait for this day. It’s a pretty somber mood in there”

The Kellogg’s union is trying to keep the spirits up within the workers on this dark day.

Dwyer added that “We are having a get together where people could say their goodbyes. That way they are not just packing up and going home. There are a lot of hugs and handshakes going on.”

The products that London was making will now shift to the other plants including the Kellogg’s plant in Belleville which has non-unionized workers working there making Mini Wheat cereal. The rest of the production will move to the Kellogg’s plants in America where the head office is located.





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