Shut The Front Door Improv group starts up their season

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Shut The Front Door Improv group starts up their season

Shut The Front Door Improv group has started their new season.

The group says it’s a very fun time doing improv and a rush to think on your feet.

Group member Jim Kelly says it’s a blast performing.

“We just do local shows for local charities. They’re all improv shows, made up on the spot. We try to make people laugh for a great cause.”

Kelly says although it could be scary to make things up, he says the group always helps one another out.

“When you think about it, there’s no pressure because everything you say is made up and thought of on the spot. So, you really can’t screw up. So if you’re relaxed, everything is good to go and you’re not really nervous.”

Although improv is made up on the spot, Jim Kelly says practice is necessary for a good show.

“Everybody will criticize you or joke around and say ‘oh practice improv, I thought you were making it up?’ But what we’re really doing is practicing drills like basketball. You run through the motions. You never know the teams you’re playing and what’s happening, but now you have a backbone or structure to fall back on.”

The local improv group performs for local charities. They say it’s rewarding because while making the audience smile, they get to help out groups as well.

The group got together three years ago with a Kijiji ad. In the two weeks they had their team together with the exception of one who joined the team a year later.

The group will be performing for a group called Sebastian Superheroes which focuses on finding a cure for Neuroblastom, a rare form of cancer.

Actress Naomi Snieckus, from the CBC’s hit show, ‘Mr.D,’ performed as a special guest in their opening show. They say it’s great to have her take part in the show. Here’s an interview with Snieckus.

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