Homecoming safety tips

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Homecoming safety tips

Homecoming is taking place over the weekend and Western University Police are ramping up their efforts.

With the festivities officials expect a dramatic increase in the volume of people on campus and ask attendees to be responsible.

In attempts to keep drivers safe, campus speed-limit are lowered and extra parking lots are open on the University grounds.

Due to the high traffic volumes that tag along with Western Homecoming officials are asking pedestrians to be alert while walking across or near campus streets.

“We want to make sure our students are aware that we have a lot of people coming back onto campus, they might not be quite as familiar with the layout of campus because things have changed over the years.” said Ryan Austin, Sergeant with Western University Police.

The University is working hard with it’s student council and other stakeholders to offer things to do on campus. For those of age- there are secured areas that are licences to sell alcohol. There are also other events including concerts where students can go to avoid the drinking atmosphere.

When large crowds mix with alcohol there is a chance violent situations could occur. Western University Police want to stress the importance of deescalating any altercations.

“There’s a lot people can do to deescalate things, to back away. Often times when people get heavily involved in situations like that they often find there was definitely several different points where they could have just backed away and let that engagement deescalated.” said Austin.

Officials stress if anyone feels unsafe they are encouraged to call campus police at 519-661-3300.

– Homecoming Tips –

  • Give yourself some extra time when travelling
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid too much sun
  • Be responsible / respectful
  • Drive slow around campus
  • Most of all HAVE FUN

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