Fanshawe adds varsity athlete fitness test

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Second year fitness and health promotion students will now test Fanshawe College’s varsity athletes on their fitness levels.

The new testing will giveĀ fitness and health promotion students practical experience working with individuals who aren’t their classmates, preparing them for the workplace. For the athletes, they will gain insight into their fitness levels and provide coaches information that will translate into training standards expectations.

“Its great to be able to have fitness and health promotion students who are familiar with this type of thing more so then say myself or the other coaches, that’s not our field. Its great to get people who are in the field to take care of it for us.”said Patrick Johnson, Falcon Men’s Volleyball Coach.

“It shows us how effective our training is. If they all score worse at the end of the year we know we are doing something wrong.” added Johnson.

Fitness and health promotion students, athletes, and coaches aren’t the only ones benefiting from the testing. Massage therapy students also took part polishing their sport massage techniques.

The sports departments plans on hosting at least two more fitness assessments for varsity athletes before the end of the school year.



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