How to impress in your job interview

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How to impress in your job interview
When it comes to job interviews, there are a few things students could learn. Plenty of tips were offered at Western’s Career Fair on Thursday.
Foremost among advice offered is that people should expect that their online presence is going to be investigated. Constable Michelle Romano of the London Police Service says their background checks are probably the most extensive of anywhere, but she tells students that as long as they’ve done nothing wrong, they have nothing to worry about.
“We realize people come from different avenues in life, but we want to make sure we’re hiring the right candidate, because we’re looking to hire them on for thirty years,” Const. Romano says. “It is intense, but it’s worth it.”
Vedran Vujcic of Mutual Concept Computer Group says one mistake he sees in job interviews is people oversharing.
“It’s great when you buddy up with someone, but some details can be cut down,” Vujcic says. “You see some people saying things that probably could have been… you know, avoided.”
Ashley Damphouse, a recruiter for College Pro Painters, says that while experience is great, it’s only a small part of what they look for.
“What we’re really looking for are people that are really hardworking and open to learning,” Damphouse says. “We can do a lot with that. If someone’s hardworking and they can put the time in, then we can teach them all the different aspects of the business.”
Damphouse adds that what impresses her most during an interview is when people ask questions and show they’ve done their research.

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