Food Bank starts fall food drive

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Food Bank starts fall food drive

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The London Food Bank is set to kick off its annual fall food drive this week, and they’re urging Londoners to be generous this Thanksgiving holiday.

The organization says they’ve seen a slight increase in the number of people using their services. However, even though the rise is not major, it only adds to their high demand.

“It’s only been a one or two percent increase,” says Jane Roy, Co-executive Director of the London Food Bank. “But right now we’re currently serving 3,640 families a month.”

Roy adds that 2013 was an extremely tough year for Londoners, as the food bank saw an outstanding number of people come through their doors.

“Through 2013, over 30,000 different Londoners came to use the food bank. So that’s almost one-tenth of the population that came in,” says Roy.

In terms of the kinds of people using the food bank, Roy stresses, it’s just about everyone.

“There’s no typical food bank user, per say. What we like to say is, if you really want to know what a food bank usually looks like, look in the mirror,” states Roy.

The London Food Bank will launch their fall food drive this Friday, and will run until Thanksgiving Monday.

Nonperishable food items can be donated at the bins of your local grocery store, or at the London Food Bank.

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