School board trustee race not getting public attention

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School board trustee race not getting public attention

School board trustee candidates have their signs up, but there’s not a lot of debate over who should win.

In fact, there are no debates at all.

Trustees are elected to represent their wards at school board meetings. Attending board meetings, implementing policy, bringing parents’ and students’ concerns to the board are characteristics of the job, all while putting student success first.

One hot topic that trustees have to deal with is the closing of area public schools like Lorne Ave. For Thames Valley District School Board Chairperson Ruth Tisdale, funding schools with a small population takes resources away from other programs that could be offered.

“Looking at a school closing it’s very hard for communities and it’s very difficult. As trustees, we don’t take it lightly either. It’s gut-wrenching,” says Tisdale.

As a taxpayer, Tisdale wants to see more interest in the trustee vote because the board deals with such a large budget.

“It’s sometimes when those hot button issues come up that affect people more broadly that they start to pay more attention to school boards,” she says.

Six trustee positions are up for grabs with five incumbents seeking re-election on October 27.

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