PREVIEW: King’s Mayoral Debate

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PREVIEW: King's Mayoral Debate

Who said students don’t care about politics?

The 490-seat Kenny Theatre at King’s University College is expected to be full for Wednesday night’s mayoral debate.

All 14 candidates are expected at the event to talk about transit, employment, housing, and whatever questions the gallery has.

“We really wanted to include everyone’s voice who was running for mayor, especially because there wasn’t an incumbent this time,” says Political Science student and debate organizer Curtis Brehn. “So we felt that, to be truly democratic, we had to give a platform for all the candidates who had a voice and wanted to be heard by the community.”

Brehn says this election, students are getting more engaged partly because of work by the university and events like this.

“A lot of students are really busy with exams and everything so bringing this debate right to their doorstep is almost pushing them to be engaged and to be informed about what’s going on in their city.”

Talk of the debate is ramping up and it’s expected to be one of the biggest yet.

“We want to show that students do care about issues from local municipalities. We want the candidates to be engaged in what the students have to think and we want them to be concerned with our issues as well,” says Brehn. “They’ve addressed some issues but hopefully tonight we’ll turn the heat up on them and they’ll dig deeper into their platforms to impress us.”

Doors open for the debate at 6:30pm and the debate itself is expected to run from 7-9pm. Seating is limited.

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