The Doorman

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
The Doorman


A new high school, a new beginning.

That’s exactly what it was for Josh Yandt when his mom picked up the family and moved to London.

Yandt came from a small town in southwestern Ontario and had been bullied.

When Yandt moved to the forest city and started his new high school he started holding doors open for people – a gesture that is rare in a high school.

Yandt tells XFM News he quickly got noticed by his peers, and quickly got established as the “Doorman”

The now PSI students at Fanshawe says he’s always liked helping people and holding doors open helped him get over his shyness and build confidence.

Yandt was named Prom King and best personality and is continuing to hold doors open at Fanshawe


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