Getting ready for the mad dash home for Thanksgiving Weekend

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Getting ready for the mad dash home for Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is one week away and that means a lot of students will be crowding into transit stations to get back to their hometowns to fill up on goods.

Traveling for the very first time can be very hectic. Garrett Quesnelle is now in his second year at Fanshawe and using transit.

He says he was a little nervous traveling for the first time as there were multiple buses traveling to the same destination.

“I was standing there freaking out. Saying when am I getting home? Where’s this bus going? I’m supposed to be on there. Then a staff member was kind enough to tell us there was another bus coming.”

Quesnelle says listening to staff and reading tickets carefully will help answer a lot of your questions and save you from worrying.

He notes although it can be hectic at times, the more often you take public transit home, the more you can get used to it.

Quesnelle wants to stress asking questions will help you too.

“It never hurts to ask question to staff. That’s what they are there for.”

He says it solved a lot of his problems in minutes. He says not be afraid to ask other travelers in the terminal questions.

Greyhound Spokesperson, Lanesha Gipson says they are ready to meet they extra demand to everyone home in time for the big feast.

“We will be motorizing tickets and adding extra coaches as we need to.”

Gipson says they try to not turn people away, although she urges to buy tickets ahead of time to ensure that the extra bus will be added.

She says last Thanksgiving, Greyhound added over 900 extra buses to their fleet last year

Gipson says travelers can help by doing things ahead of schedule.

“We encourage people to buy their tickets as soon as they know they are going to travel.”

She says although they don’t have exact cut off day in order for people to buy tickets, she says the closer you get to the holiday, the risk grows not be able

Greyhound suggests that you arrive one hour prior to the bus departing. Other travel tips can be found on their website.

Over the Thanksgiving Weekend, Greyhound expects to transport over 100,000 people.

London is one of the busiest terminals in Canada, including Toronto and Ottawa.

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