Majority of Canadians support assisted suicide: poll

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Majority of Canadians support assisted suicide: poll

According to a the ‘2014 Dying with Dignity Ipsos-Reid Survey’, most Canadians support assisted suicide. The online survey found that 84% of respondents support the right to die for patients with a terminal or serious incurable illness that results in unbearable suffering.

“Given recent national and international poll results, we anticipated high levels of support, however the magnitude of support was even higher than we expected”, said  Wanda Morris, Dying with Dignity Canada’s CEO.

The poll showed that support dropped to 67% approval for assisted suicide for people with permanent and severe disabilities. It also found that 57% of Canadians have been close to someone who suffered terribly before they died, perhaps being a personal reason for many agreeing with the legalization of assisted dying.

While Quebec recently became the first province in Canada to allow euthanasia, that legislation has already been challenged in court.

Support for assisted dying is highest in Nova Scotia (89%), followed by British Columbia (87%) and Ontario (85%). The lowest support rate was found in Atlantic Canada (80%) and Saskatchewan/Manitoba (79%).

The Supreme Court of Canada will begin their hearings on the ban of assisted suicides on October 15th.

Assisted suicide is legal in Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. as well as the state of Oregon and Washington in the U.S.

For more poll results from the  ‘2014 Dying with Dignity Ipsos-Reid Survey’, click here.


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