Brown attacks Cheng, gets new endorsements at morning news conference

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Brown attacks Cheng, gets new endorsements at morning news conference

One week before Londoners head to the polls, mayoral candidate Matt Brown is calling it a two-horse race.

Brown held a press conference Monday morning to address “recent developments in the mayoral race.” Those developments may not have been made clear during the news conference, but Brown admitted afterwards he believes it’s between him and fellow candidate Paul Cheng.

Endorsements came from the President of rTraction David Billson, McKenzie Lake lawyer Erin Rankin Nash, and former President of Robert Gordon company Paul Mansel. Each had time to talk about why they thought Brown was the right person for the mayoral job.

“We will redevelop our waterfront, we will have a transit plan that makes sense, we will create a place of prosperity for our families,” says Billson. “We will do this work faster if we have a council working with us rather than fractured and divided. The person I choose for that job is Matt Brown.”

When it was Brown’s turn to speak, he was introduced as “the next Mayor of London” by George Kerhoulas, VP and sales representative at Cushman Wakefield.

“One of the things I’m extremely clear about is there’s no room for partisan politics at the municipal level,” Brown says.

Then he went on the offensive.

“It’s so dangerous. It’s a dangerous game to use divisive politics and political rhetoric as political weapons. My opponent is using these tactics to fracture our community.”

Brown maintained that his platform is measurable, achievable, and affordable.

In the end, the news conference seemed to be all buzz and no sting for Londoners who hit the polls in just one week.

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