Former military leader Peter Devlin reacts to Ottawa shooting

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Former military leader Peter Devlin reacts to Ottawa shooting

After the recent events in Ottawa, the President of Fanshawe College and former Lieutenant General of the Canadian Army, Peter Devlin, says it’s a very sad time.

Devlin notes it really hit close to home hearing the passing of the soldier.

“Sad to have learned that a great Canadian soldier standing on guard in front of the National War Memorial in Ottawa was shot, certainly touched my heart.”

Devlin says a country like Canada is very rare.

“The globe is increasingly connected. Canada is a very rare and special country, defined by a level of freedom, liberty and strength unlike any other place in the world.”

He says since Canada has the courage to take a stand.

“Canada is seen as a beacon of opportunity and hope throughout the world. Canada is a G7 and G8 country and has the courage to take a stand, which therefore, brings risks.”
Devlin believes Canada will work together to help prevent this in the future.

“There’s a high amount of cooperation amongst Canada’s security services. I think events like the one in Ottawa will put an increased emphasis to ensure there’s a heightened level of coordination. We also have great partners around the globe to be able to share information with. This will help Canada remain a secure nation to work and travel in and be an economic powerful country.”

Devlin says it is important for Canada to stay strong.

“I think it’s important that we’re not intimidated by events like this. Canada has taken a stand. We take a stand because we are a G7, G8 country. We’re a powerful, strong country and we’re a proud country. We have values and that’s what we’re standing for. We can’t back down from those values.”

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