Fanshawe College polling station open for business

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Fanshawe College polling station open for business

Fanshawe College’s polling station is open along with dozens of other across the city as London votes.

FSU President Matt Stewart says he fought tooth and nail to get the election day polling station. He’s hoping that it pays off with students showing up to vote.

Earlier this month, Fanshawe held an advance poll that contributed to a 40% increase in advance voting compared to 2010. Stewart says the rise isn’t surprising.

“We set our goal out for 200 people, we actually got 220 people out so we surpassed our goal,” he says. “It doesn’t make me go ‘oh my god, what happened, what’s different?’ I know that us and Western are doing a lot of promotion this year towards the municipal election.”

Despite a less than impressive showing of students at a Ward 3 candidates debate in the Oasis Student Centre a couple weeks ago, Stewart says the event did its job.

“I don’t think the turnout was what we were after. As a student union, we provide a forum for students to be able to find information to be able to make informed decisions,” Stewart says. “The turnout definitely could have been higher. The turnout could be higher at all our events. As long as we provide that forum for our students.”

Polling stations are open until 8pm tonight. If you’re unsure of where to vote, the City of London website┬ácan help.

Results will start coming in after 8pm. Listen to “X Your Ballot” for live results, commentary, and winners’ speeches.

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