Getting your vehicle winter ready

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Getting your vehicle winter ready

Winter weather is getting closer to London. Some areas across the province received their first blast of snow and below zero temperatures this past weekend.

Owner Operator of Forest City Tirecraft, Nancy Jackson, says preparing for the bone chilling temperatures will help you a lot.

Winter tires are debatable for many motorists. A lot of people say their all-season tires or summer tires work just fine. Jackson says winter tires have something that the others can’t offer.

“There are two distinct differences. One is the compound the tire is made of and this is where the temperature comes in. Winter tire compound rubber is softer and remains softer. An all-season tire hardens in cooler temperatures, not acting as effectively during the winter.”

Since the tires are made of a special compound rubber, the average temperature should be around 7°C so you can get the most use out of the tires. The forecast for London over the next week is calling for temperatures below seven.

“The second thing is the tread pattern on the tire. It has ice biting technology; the grooves are able to displace the slush, ice and snow.”

Nancy says this is the perfect time to change your tires in order to not be stressed during the first winter storm. She also notes this is time to ensure everything in your vehicle is ready to go.

“Making sure all of the fluids in your car could go to at least -40°C. If anyone over the summer added water to their coolant, it could freeze causing problems during the season.”

Jackson says if you want to avoid flagging down some one for a boost, check your batteries.

“Nobody wants to be stranded when they have a dead battery. Batteries have a life span of about five years. They can be checked to see what level they are charging to, that way you will know how your battery is doing, going into the winter season.”

Jackson adds spending some extra money on wipers can help with your vision during the white knuckle drives.

“There are many types of wiper blades; some are made just for the winter season. There are absolutely different qualities in blades. I’m sure many of us don’t want to spend too much money on wiper blades, but there’s value in doing so.”

“If we end up with freezing rain, the wipers could stick to the windshield, causing people to just rip them off and that makes them frayed and torn. Obviously, it’s not good if you can’t see while driving.”

Jackson adds giving your vehicle a tune up before winter comes could save money.

“Things like transmission flushes and coolant flushes. There’s a variety of inexpensive maintenance recommendations. This will help you ward off bigger issues down the road.”

Jackson says going to an auto shop that is trustworthy to check everything could help save you money as well.

The Ministry of Transportation and the Government of Canada also have a list of items you should have in your car in case you break down or if there is an emergency.

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