Oxford Street apartment put under ‘Order to Close’

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Oxford Street apartment put under 'Order to Close'

London Fire received approval from the Ontario Fire Marshall to post an “Order to Close” on 1451 Oxford Street East, the building damaged by fire on Monday.

Under the provincial “Fire Protection and Prevention Act,” access to the building has been sharply restricted until a number of Fire Code violations have been fixed

The violations include lack of an operating fire alarm system, lack of working smoke alarms, damaged fire separations, non-illuminated exit lights, broken and non-functional emergency lighting, and a compromised electrical system.

The process to request issuance of the order was initiated prior to Monday’s fire. The department physically posted the Order, which itemizes the Fire Code violations.

Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Gary Bridge says they now have additional responsibilities for the property.

“Of immediate importance to the department is to restore personal property to the tenants of the building who have been displaced. We are working with the Salvation Army to arrange for orderly and safe access to the building for people to retrieve personal items and valuables. Until this occurs, the property will be protected by City of London Commissionaires. The London Fire Department will continue to work diligently towards ensuring the ongoing violations with this building are remedied. Only at that time will the “Order to Close” be lifted.”

A person died in relation to the fire. The name of the person has not been released until their family is notified.

London Police, Fire and the Ontario Fire Marshal continue to investigate.

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