Increase of break and enters in South London

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Increase of break and enters in South London

London Police are asking residents to be on the lookout after a spike in residential break and enters in South London.

The break and enters have been noted in the area of Wharncliffe Road South to Fairview Avenue, and Commissioners Road East to the Thames River.

Sixteen break and enters have occurred between October 21st and November 3rd at all hours of the day and all days of the week.

They say the suspects used forced entry through windows and doors in order to get inside.

Constable Alanna Hollywood says making your home look like it’s being used could prevent robbers from entering the home.

“Don’t advertise your home will be empty. Also tell your neighbours, if you have a trusted ones.”

Hollywood notes keeping your windows and doors locked and lit could keep them away from your house.

It appears high end jewelry, electronics and credit cards are being targeted.  Constable Hollywood says hiding your valuable items is a good idea.

“That way it will not be accessible to people breaking into these homes. It’s also important to write down serial numbers of any electronics or valuable items. If they are stolen, they could be traced back to the owner.”

Police say to call if you see anything suspicious.

London Police used a mapping system to detect the patterns.

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