Fugitive slave house moves

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Fugitive slave house moves

Beth Emmanuel church now has a new neighbor,  the fugitive slave house. Originally the house was located on Thames Street, but now calls Grey street home. Around 50 people showed up to support the church and watch an actual house be driven across half the city. Pastor at Beth Emmanuel church Delta McNeish couldn’t hold back her emotions when the chapel arrived early this morning.

“This is really surreal… you see this great big box…and you can’t help but see the memories of your ancestors…. and to experience a little bit of their suffering”  

Emotions were high, when everyone on Grey Street saw the house come around the corner. One of those who was their was Todd Miller who wouldn’t have missed this for anything.

 “If it wasn’t for that church my family wouldn’t be here and I heard about this on the news and I thought I’m putting everything off to the side and coming to see it and welcome it to it’s new home”

Back in the 19th century this house helped escaped slaves who had come from the United States, by giving them shelter. Now instead of being demolished it has found a new home on Grey Street.

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