Local women’s agencies considering merge

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Two women’s agencies in London are considering merging together.

The Sexual Assault Centre London and the Women’s Community House are reviewing the possibility they may offer their services as one.

Manager of Residential Services at the Wellington Road Shelter, Katarina Fernendez says conversations are being had at the executive level around services that each agency provides.

Fernendez says the questions arose whether those seeking support around violence and assault could benefit from one place to go to instead of two.

The Women’s Community House provides abused women and children housing and support, and the Sexual Assault Centre London gives any needed outreach and counselling for those who have suffered from sexual violence.

Fernendez says there is no deadline for the decision, however she feels the result will hopefully be made within the fiscal period to benefit the agencies.

Fernendez adds they are seeking input from clients and the public. If you would like to express your opinion on the possible merge you can either stop by the individual agencies or fill out a form online. Links to each website can be found below.

The Women’s Community House website: http://www.shelterlondon.org/

The Sexual Assault Centre London website: http://www.sacl.ca/

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