Airport staff looking forward to weekend weather

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

With the unpredictable weather staff at the London International Airport are staying busy.

Although it may not be snowing locally much anymore, snow continues to hammer some states.

CEO of the London Airport Mike Seabrook says flights to Chicago have most recently been canceled as they are receiving some bad weather.

Seabrook says most flights have been on time, or close to on time and crews are working hard to clear any snow.

He adds crews are looking forward to the warmer weather locally to get a break from snow removal; however melting snow can also bring ice.

This weekend freezing rain is expected for Saturday, with temperatures climbing to 9 degrees on Sunday.

The warm temperature doesn’t stay for long though, and rain or flurries may return by Tuesday.

Seabrook says ice isn’t good for their business, however assures you the airport has reliable equipment to take care of the ice properly and create safe landing and departing conditions.

If you’re unsure if your flight is delayed or cancelled Seabrook advises you to check before hand through the airline you’re flying with or through the London International Airport website.

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