MO Salih reaches out to the community after Bill Cosby allegations

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Ward 3 councilor MO Salih is encouraging Budweiser Gardens to review their options with the Bill Cosby show this January.

The comedian has faced allegations of sexually assaulting multiple women, and as of now the center has not cancelled the show on January 8th.

MO Salih says because Cosby is a public figure it is his responsibility to thoroughly think about whether visiting London for a comedy performance is appropriate.

He adds whether it is true or not the nature behind a comedy show is to bring people out to laugh, Salih says because of this maybe it is best to let things take course, so there are no misconceptions.

Salih says Budweiser Gardens and Londoners can explore their options, however he thinks the issue is much bigger than this.

He feels it’s about the perception and image that is being sent out to children and women, and to victims that are in a particular situation and have not come forward.

Salih is reaching out to the community to show that he supports them, and assures there are more people behind you willing to support you as well.

Salih says he encourages anyone who has suffered from any kind of sexual abuse to come forward, as he thinks it is important to bring these issues to light.

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