Dangerous 100 Km/h winds create a busy day of clean-up

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

You may see debris, recycling bins and tree limbs scattered around the city today.

This is after the high winds that reached 100 kilometers an hour yesterday, leading to fallen trees and unsecured items being blown around.

Public Relations and Corporate Communications Director for London Hydro Nancy Hutton says it’s uncommon for winds to get to that extend.

Hutton says many people were left without hydro as a result of the storm, as many as 12,000 Londoners experienced no power, and about 1,000 people were left in the dark.

She says the outages are dispersed around the city, so it has taken crews a bit longer to restore the power.

Hutton assures those still without power that crews are working diligently to get it back on.

She says as of about 11 o’clock this morning 200 people were still without hydro in the city.

Hutton advises residents to use candles when left in the dark without power, however to monitor them carefully. She also recommends having flashlights on hand.

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