Kira Isabella comes to Cowboy’s Ranch

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Kira Isabella comes to Cowboy's Ranch

Country music starlet Kira Isabella rocked Cowboys Ranch last night. Her new album, Caffeine and Big Dreams is barely two months old but her Canada-wide tour wrapped up yesterday evening. She was a bag of mixed emotions before her last show.

She says, “I am incredibly proud of my band. They have done such a fantastic job. They have to play with me and Autumn Hill and so I’m really proud of my whole team and also a bit sad that it’s ending.”

Kira is very proud of her latest album because she feels it is the best representation of her life at the moment. She says, “I started writing my first album Love Me Like That when I was fifteen-years-old and I keep saying I think this time around I’m a little closer to [my new album] because I understood the process better.”

Kira gusted about her celebrity crushes, country hunks Luke Brian and Eric Church and says she has never been as star-struck as when she met her idol Martina McBride. Kira has always looked up to Martina and said when she finally got the chance to meet her, all that she could think to say was, “Can I get a picture with you?”

This tour was the biggest challenge Kira has ever taken on. She says, “I was defineatly a little bit nervous because I’ve been on tours before but none this long and none this vocally challenging.” Having to preform twenty-one shows in thirty-two days was difficult however, Kira says she’ll relax for a bit but hopes to continue to be able to tour in the near future.

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