Masonville Mall opened their doors early for eager shoppers this Black Friday

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Stores opened as early as 6 o’clock this morning at Masonville Mall, with every single store opening by 7 o’clock.

Although there weren’t crowds and crowds of shoppers, lines built up at Walking on a Cloud as well as Lu Lu Lemon.

Malory Mueller was there this morning shopping for Sorel boots, she says her parents convinced her to come out and get them at a lower price.

Mueller tells the X it’s her first time shopping on Black Friday, and luckily she was able to grab a bargain.

She adds Black Friday is much bigger in the U.S., however she feels there are some great deals at Masonville too.

Hailey King is also new to Black Friday shopping, she says she’s amazed with how pretty much every store is participating.

And, while most shoppers feel excited and pleased with the discounts, a group of men who gather at Masonville each day have a different perspective.

The three walk the mall each morning, and made no exception for Black Friday.

They tell the X there are some good deals, however the extra two hours of sleep is more beneficial to them.

If you’d like to stroll the mall or check out any Black Friday deals Masonville Mall is open until 10 o’clock tonight.

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