Movember funds still being counted

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Movember funds still being counted
Movember fundraising numbers are rolling in and they’re looking to be less than last year.
However, as Jeff Lohnes from Movember Canada explains, that’s because their funds are counted up until July.
Lohnes is the Business Engagement Manager for Movember Canada and says although November is their biggest month for fundraising, some of their biggest days are still ahead. The Movember Foundation is currently working to tally up all the donations from this past month as organizations wrap up their fundraising efforts and submit final numbers.
“We won’t have the final numbers yet really” says Jeff, “the funds kind of keep coming in straight up until about July”.
Currently, Movember has raised $19.5 million nationally and $75 million globally. This compares to last year’s numbers as a whole of $33.9 million and $131.8 million, respectively.
Lohnes says next steps for the Movember campaign is to analyze the available research proposals in the field of prostate and testicular cancer and men’s mental health, then to begin funding those research areas
He was extremely pleased with the amount of fundraising efforts and conversation that was generated by the public this Movember. He encourages the public to keep talking about men’s health overall, to have fun, and keep those donations rolling in. The Movember website will remain open for those who would like to do so.
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