Nurses- not required to get flu shots

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Nurses- not required to get flu shots

The flu season is upon us and many have, or are planning on, getting their flu shots.

Whether you approve of immunization or not, some wonder if healthcare workers should be required to get the vaccine. Working with elderly or infants who have lower immune systems proves to be a good reason for concern.

While hospitals across the country instate their own policy, London Hospitals do not make flu shots required for healthcare workers.

“We have a policy at the hospital where all healthcare workers providing patient care are recommended to receive the flu shot. However, we give people the option if they don’t want to get the flu shot to instead wear a mask in order to protect patients when providing patient care.” said Dr. Michael John, Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control for London Hospitals.

“The masking policy gives people with a strong objection to immunization or getting a flu shot an alternative, while at the same time protecting our patients.” said Dr. John.

British Colombia’s hospitals were the first to instate the policy, and most hospitals across Ontario followed suit shortly after.


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