Tokyo Police Club at London Music Hall

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Tokyo Police Club at London Music Hall

The Tokyo Police Club are performing tonight at London Music Hall. Their latest album, Forcefield was released back in March and keyboardist Graham Wright and drummer Greg Alsop can’t really describe it.

Wright says, “I describe it as indie-rock to boarder guards and like, my parent’s friends. To everyone else, I try not to describe it at all because I don’t think I am ever right.”

The band is into week five of their tour which Wright described as “uncharted territory” adding that “four weeks is like the psychological maximum. I don’t remember what it’s like not to be on tour.”

Alsop is the only married member of the band and said being on tour is hard but the band is used to it. Wright said no one understands what it is like being on tour until it is experienced and that it is difficult even speaking about tour life with friends and family because it is the same thing everyday. People might think being on tour is glamorous and filled with exciting new adventures, but it becomes routine.

As this year is winding down, what is their favourite album of the year (besides their own of course)? Alsop was quick to answer, “1989. [Taylor Swift] nailed it. It’s just a fantastic record. It’s just got the best song-writing, the best production, the best overall album.”

They performed at Coachella this year. Wright says, “It’s too much pressure. Those huge shows are very rarely really fun because you are too aware.” He added that the festival itself was fun and the best perk about being a performer was the air-conditioned backstage bathrooms.

Wright and Alsop agreed that they could not picture doing anything else career-wise, although they understand that the music industry is going downhill fast. Wright says,”I don’t even know if there is gonna be a music industry in five years. It’s entirely possible that no one will want music. There could be like a computer that just spits out music into the world and that’s what people listen too.”

All negativity aside, they have no plans to stop making music. However, Wright says he can’t picture touring for as long as they are  now in five years time.



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