Frigid temperatures and weather alerts for much of Southern Ontario

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

You may want to layer up if you’re outdoors today, as temperatures are to be extremely cold.

Extreme weather alters have been issued for many places, and there is a special weather statement in affect for much of Southern Ontario.

Temperatures in London are to stick near the -11 mark, feeling in the -20s with the wind chill.

And, the cold isn’t just today.

The rest of the week brings flurries and cold temperatures.

Tuesday sees a high of -9, Wednesday -12, Thursday -11 and Friday -8.

Frosty arctic temperatures have also moved into Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and a re bound for Quebec and New Brunswick.

The snow squall warning has ended for London Middlesex, however it remains in affect for Huron Perth.

Although there is now snow squall warning, London could get up to 4cm of snow today.

Buses in London, Elgin and Oxford County are running on time, however all buses in Middlesex County and most of Huron Perth are cancelled.

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