Are you about to drive? Text #X

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
texting and driving

The distracted driving laws are nothing new to Ontario, however AT&T mobile ( an American cell phone company) has started a new movement that is making its way across the border fast. It’s as simple as using a hashtag. The idea is to send a text saying “#X” to let the receiver know you have to pause the conversation because you’re about to drive.

Constable Ken Steeves tells XFM news about the new motion and reminds the public that “it is up to the driver to be responsible and resist the urge to respond to texts.”

Regardless of how you let somebody know it’s always safer to ignore a text message than the alternative. “It’s not only about the fines and points but also about the dangerous outcome from distracted driving,” Steeves added.

And the best way to solve this issue?

“Turn off your phone when driving, and simply turn it back when you’re done driving” Steeves says.

Even though the London Police are not on the bandwagon the initiative is quickly sweeping across Canada, and if you receive a text from a friend with #X put the conversation on pause.

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