What the new Notice and Notice law really means

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

January 1st came with  an abundance of new laws that came into effect, one of them being the Notice and Notice law. This means that internet service providers will be able to track their users illegal downloads and streaming and can send out a letter in the mail stating that they know what you have been doing, after that your information will be kept on record for six months.

Star Communications is a internet provider here in London who are now taking part in the Notice and Notice law. Peter Rocker is their CEO and tells XFM news about the investigation that takes place before the notices are sent out in the mail, “We’re required to; look at IP, who was using that information at the time and pass that information on to the user as well as retain the information for up to six months”

Rockers also tells XFM that no legal action will be taken if you receive these notices, that they are to make the user aware that their information is being tracked and kept on file.

Another key piece of information that Rocker mentions , it is his understanding that it is not illegal to download or steam free movies and television shows but to re-upload or sell for profit.

The hopes with the new notice and notice law is to entrust that users will do the right thing after receiving the letters.

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