From ‘no fun’ to ‘snow fun’

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From ‘no fun’ to ‘snow fun’

London’s white winter may have arrived late in the season, but nevertheless, it has arrived in full force.  This past week, we have experienced extreme weather alerts, snow squalls, and bone chilling temperatures.

The cold and snowy weather we have been experiencing can seem like an ideal time to stay bundled up indoors, play some family board games and enjoy a warm drink. While this can be fun, there is a great amount of fun, outdoor ‘snowy’ activities to be discovered in and around London.

Here is a list of a few things to do now that the snow has finally fallen upon London:

Boler Mountain: While treetop adventures and hiking is what you can expect in the warmer seasons, winter skiing, snowboarding and tubing are now available and are activities that are bound to make you enjoy the winter. Enjoy some of the most amazing ice sculptures and slide down a 50ft ice slide, just outside of the city. offers guided tours where you can watch and learn how these frozen sculptures are created.

A good old hockey game: How about seeing the London Knights at Budweiser gardens? Or even watching a Mustang hockey game with friends or family? Game schedules can easily be found online.

Walk in the park: Taking a stroll in London’s parks is a great, and underrated, winter activity! As long as you are bundled up in your warmest attire, walking along one of London’s scenic trails a fun and free way to add some outdoor exercise into your day.

While the cold is not always the most motivating factor to get you outdoors, hopefully a few of these local activities will be an incentive. More winter ideas can also be found on London’s Tourism page.

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