Cosby Controversy Hits London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

On January 8th, Bill Cosby made his 2nd stop of his Ontario tour in London, bringing with him all the controversy that has surrounded the 77 year old comedian over the past few months. Allegations of sexual assault from as many as 30 women have plagued Cosby since November, with some of his performances cancelled or indefinitely postponed.

Due to contract stipulations, Budweiser Gardens was unable to keep Cosby away, and those with tickets to his show were unable to get a refund. This led to a tense meeting out front, as patrons were greeted by a mob of peaceful protestors.

While the protest went on without any incident, shouts of “shame” were cast on those attending Cosby’s show. As the show went on inside, the crowd outside continued chanting “Bill Cosby is a rapist” in protest of Cosby’s showing.

Megan Walker, Executive Director of the London Abused Women’s Center, helped organize the protest. While the cold weather may have kept some away, she was overall pleased with the showing.

“I’m surprised how many came out on this brutally cold night. I’m really happy to see all the placards and posters and signs and flags. I think it’s great.”

Londoners echoed Walker’s high spirits, with many looking at their own families to draw inspiration to stand up for women’s rights.

“I have granddaughters and nieces, and if they came to me and told me they were raped, they need to be believed.”

Cosby concluded his 3 day tour of Ontario with an event in Hamilton, and will now head back to the United States to continue his tour.



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