Christmas decorations time to go

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

We felt the rush of Christmas starting shortly after Thanksgiving and now that it has officially come and now gone, it’s time to take all signs of the season down. At least, you would expect them to. But like a mother holding on to her children, some people just can’t seem to let go of their Christmas decorations. We are well into the second week of January and yet blow up Santas, wooden reindeer, and houses hidden in lights are still a sight. Kind of like an unwritten rule Christmas seems like it should start December 1st and end by New Years. But even if this is what most people think, it doesn’t always happen.

Christmas decorations are used to get in the spirit and warm people’s homes, so it makes sense for it to be hard to take them down. Decorations used to be put up Christmas Eve and not a day before, or else it was considered extremely unlucky. And for a long time bringing a Christmas tree in the house was unheard of. Particularly in Germany, the trees were decorated outside but soon we’re brought into the homes of people. Instead of electric lights they had candles but with the fear of fire, the Christmas lights we have now began developing. With so much history behind decorating a house, some people try to keep their houses in the season as long as they can.

Typically Christmas decorations come down before the lights do. And some people leave their lights up all year long just because it’s easier. Everyone has their own reasons and own preferences.

Take a drive through your neighborhood and you may see one or two houses still with their lights up.  Whether you’ve taken down your decorations down already,  are waiting just a little longer, or are going to leave some things up like your lights, all year long, remember Christmas will be just around the corner soon enough and everything can go back up for the Season.


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