Food truck debate coming to City Hall

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Food truck debate coming to City Hall

Mayor Matt Brown and Ward 7 Councillor Josh Morgan are hoping third time’s a charm for the food truck debate.

The two want to revisit the food truck pilot project that was shut down last year by the previous council. Councillor Morgan tells the X that he wants to bring it back because of high demand.

“It’s something I continue to hear from Londoners, that this was an initiative that a lot of work was put in to ¬†and it was something that failed over a very close vote. It was a decision that a lot of Londoners thought council got wrong” he explains.

The Mayor and Councillor Morgan are requesting city staff to submit a report on the food truck program to the Community and Protective Services Committee on February 18.

Last term, council voted against a food truck bylaw following five reports from staff and two public participation meetings. Councillor Morgan ensures that they plan to keep in mind the public’s concerns and pick up where the last council left off.

“In the work that had been done there were restrictions on proximity to residences, proximity to restaurants and restrictions on the time that they could operate. These are to accommodate any concerns and make sure there are no adverse impact on our existing businesses and residents” he promises.

If approved by council, a food truck pilot program would be launched in the summer of 2015. City staff would then be required to report back in the fall to give the project a final green light.

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