Target to close its 133 Canadian stores

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Target to close its 133 Canadian stores

Target announced that will be closing down its 133 Canadian retail locations, including the London Masonville place and Wonderland Road locations.

In a statement made this morning, Target Corporation Chairman and CEO, Brian Cornell said “We were unable to find a realistic scenario that would get target Canada to profitability until at least 2021”.

Target Canada has 17,600 employees across the country and crossed the border just under two years ago, in March 2013.

The American based retailer was hoping to boost their sales over the holidays, but did not do well enough to continue in the Canadian market.

Nancy McQuillan, the CEO of Employment London Help Center says they will be in contact with the store managers at London Target locations to offer their services to employees.

Target will remain open during a court-supervised liquidation period and is working to ensure surplus employees are paid at least 16 weeks of severance.

Target set to close in Canada

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