Dealing with the road closures across the city

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Dealing with the road closures across the city

Whether you like it or hate it construction projects need to happen to keep the roads in tip-top shape.

Project plans are made up over a year in advanced in order to give enough notice to you before the machines come revving in.

Construction Administration Engineer, David Jackson, says a lot of variables need to be in place, for the projects to run smooth.

“We have to look at it to make sure the timelines are tight. We look at ways to reduce disrupting traffic like doing trenchless options, so we don’t have to dig up the road. We also look at doing night work or weekend work, where that beneficial.”

Jackson says since they don’t want to clog up the roads, projects on major roads, are done at night.

“Sewer flushing, sewer lining are some things that are done. Often, when we’re paving a major intersection, that’s when we find we get the most bang for our buck. Especially if it’s going to cause backups on the road.”

Jackson says doing projects at night have many pro and cons.

The down fall of night time construction boosts some costs like overtime and proper lighting. He says discussions take place in order to make sure it will be beneficial to everyone.

Jackson says communication is important to ensure everyone is on board.

“We send out letters at least a year in advance. We also send out letter to provide updates and what kind of impacts there will be. We do media announcements and social media for major road closures.”

Jackson says the projects are always thought out and planned as much as they can before, being executed.

You can head to their website to find out the latest lanes restrictions or closures on routes you may be traveling through.

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