London projected rate increases to lower in coming years

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London projected rate increases to lower in coming years

There was a real ebb and flow to the Water and Wastewater treatment budget that was presented to the Strategic Priorities and Policy committee on Thursday night but there was good news that came out of that meeting as well.

During the presentation, the Councillors were showed a slide that showed the rates between 2012 and 2018 with the years after 2015 a projection should everything that needs to work, works. This year the rate is supposed to sit at 7 percent but next year it will get a little better with the rates falling to a much better 3 percent which will make the city a little bit happier knowing that they will not have to pay as much the next couple years for their water.

This year however the rates are still sitting at 7 percent which means that the impact to the average resident will be up 53 dollars combined from last year and residents will be required to pay $842 dollars annually in 2015 but this number is for 171.9 metres cubed.

The increase in Wastewater  charges is sitting at 7 percent, but the increase to the average residential customer is only going to be 6.5 percent due to the phase-in of the new Storm Drainage charges.


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