When will your street be plowed?

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

We’re well into the winter season and have all ready been through some major snow dumps. If you’re wondering why it takes so long for your street and sidewalks to be plowed, it may¬† be because of where you live and what major streets surround you.

The City of London has a 24/7 response team with 65 pieces of road plowing equipment, 25 sanders, 33 side walk plow and 2 anti-icing tankers. The team clears 3,526 kms of roadway; 1,460 kms of sidewalk; 700 cul-de-sacs; and 2,100 bus stops.

Priority roads take 6-8 hours to be cleared and roughly 24 hours for all City streets to be cleared. Priority roads are those that have more traffic and are main roads. Bus routes are also part of the first round of snow removal. Other roads include residential or secondary routes.

For parking lots, plows need to watch out for water drains, keeping snow away from doors and handicapped parking, and anticipate future snow fall so they can add to their piles.

To know when your street will be plowed you can check out the City of London website for Winter Maintenance




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