Organizations in London receive funding to become more accessible

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Organizations in London receive funding to become more accessible

The federal government has announced funding to improve accessibility around London.

London North Centre MP Susan Truppe says six organizations will split $159,000. The funding comes from the enabling accessibility fund.

Projects include building ramps, accessible washrooms and elevators. MP Susan Truppe was says it’s important to knock down the barriers so everyone can go where they want.

“We need to remember there is an aging population out there as well as people with disabilities. We have to make sure they can get out there mobile like we are.”

Pillar Nonprofit Executive Director Michelle Baldwin likes that everyone will feel welcomed when going out.

“We’re in a time when we think age and diversity inclusion and we can learn from each other to do so.”

Baldwin adds it’s great to many organizations will get a piece of the funding to improve accessibility in many ways.

“Everything from physical accessibility, to hearing and sight. So it’s great that London is able to get access to this funding.”

Truppe made the announcement on behalf of Minister of State for Social Development, Candice Bergen. Bergen wrote a statement about the funding.

“Our Government is committed to ensuring that Canadians of all abilities have the chance to contribute to our communities and be included in all aspects of society. Through our investments in the Enabling Accessibility Fund, more than 1,800 projects across the country are improving accessibility so that all Canadians participate in their communities and workplaces.”

This is how the $159,000 will be split up and used with the six organizations:

  • Pillar Nonprofit will be receiving $50,000 to construct an exterior ramp and build accessible washrooms
  • The London Public Library will receive $23,382 to install and lower three customer service desks
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral will receive $50,000 to install a much-needed elevator
  • The Boys and Girls Club of London will receive $8,944 to lower the front desk area and install an assistive lifting device
  • Goodwill Industries will receive $25,272 to paint their parking lot for accessibility as well as install audio video equipment and acoustic treatment panels
  • The County of Middlesex will receive $2,047 to purchase accessibility software and hardware for its public computers at the Lucan Library

The funding comes from the Enabling Accessibility Fund.

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