589 Clarke Rd.

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Back in November, The London Free Press wrote an article about Keith Charles and his organization called People Helping People.

Keith Charles organization focuses on closing the gap for people with long-life mental health issues and providing them with three hot meals a day.

Also a place to live and support for people who want to live on their own but need help with food preparation and taking their medication.

But after a fire at a home on Oxford St E, Charles and his organization got some backlash.

People claimed that Charles was taking advantage of these people and the living conditions were not up to standards.

(A link to the article is available below) 

I decided to look into this and see what People Helping People was actually about.

After my day at 589 Clarke Rd. I got to see for myself what the living conditions were really like and the interaction between Keith Charles and the residents.

Everything I seen kind of contradicted the previous article by the London Free Press. The residents were fed and taken care of with food available for them for later.

Based on the living conditions like Keith said some residents are cleaner then others. So some rooms are messy and others are clean, but then again who’s room is clean all the time.

And the relationship between Keith and the residents was kind of like a big brother looking after his younger siblings, he looks after them and tries his best to get them everything they need.

The house is honestly like a family with the highs of helping each other out, to the lows of arguing over sugar or cigarettes. At the end of the day the residents at 589 Clarke Rd are a family.


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