People of London Take Twitter

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

London is full of diverse personalities and when Andrea Wishart was a grad student at Western, she began feeling disconnected from her hometown. So about a year ago, she decided to start the People of London twitter account.

This type of twitter account is called a rotation curation, which she first discovered when she heard about how Sweden’s official twitter account is run each week by a different resident. This started a revolution worldwide with multiple different cities or even different groups taking advantage of their individuals.


Each curator for the People of London twitter account is chosen by Andrea through various applications sent to her. She says she turns very few away, other than those with a history of negative tweets on their individual account.

There is no limit to how much one has to tweet in a day. Andrea says you can tweet once or 700 times in one day. Amanda Stark, who curated herself last summer, spent one of her days in Victoria Park, taking selfies with different residents and strangers and making friends.

With almost 2500 followers, People of London is thriving. If you want to participate, give People of London a follow on twitter and submit an application to Andrea to find out whether you should be the next person of London.


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