London council get public input

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London council get public input

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London’s city councillors heard from 15 different organizations from across London who had just a few minutes to pitch where they think part of the budget should be used towards.

The city only has $1.7 million dollars set to go towards that part of the city while city staff has told the councillors that they should not say yes to anything that anyone pitched during Thursdays Strategic priority and policy committee meeting.

There was a lot of different members of the public at the meeting. Ward 2 councillor Mo Salih says “I think its very important to have the public involved and I think when they come out and they give us ┬átheir perspectives and opportunity to ask any clarifying questions it really does help and help in making that final decision.”

So with all the different pitches comes a lot of different decisions that the council has to decide what organization needs the money more than the others. Salih added that in order to make the right decision he is going to “consulting with residents in my ward, talking to Londoners, asking the questions to the community groups, ┬ádoing follow up questions if I have too.”

The final approval for the budget is set to come on February 26th, so the council has until then to decide where they want the money to go if anywhere at all.

In order to find out more about the 2015 City of London Budget and where the money is allocated so far visit City of London Budget

The 15 Organizations looking for a piece of 1.7 million

  • Pillar Nonprofit Network
  • African Community Council
  • Neighbourhood Legal Services
  • Emerging Leaders
  • London Optimist Sports Centre (BMO Centre)
  • ReForest London
  • London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council
  • Employment Sector Council London Middlesex
  • Downtown London
  • Palace Theatre
  • Conservation Action Committee of Nature London
  • Cycling Advisory Committee
  • Mr.Wood Representing London residents
  • London Northwest Resource Centre



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