Peer Support Network services for students

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Imagine spending years or more in an environment that you didn’t feel comfortable being yourself in. This is often the case for many university and college students.

Western University and Fanshawe College provide outreach services in order to create more inclusive campuses with a focus on understanding and celebrating diversity.

Western’s Peer Support Network 

On Western’s campus, they offer support through both the Peer Support Network and the Peer Support Centre, both under the same umbrella service.

The network is home to 7 USC support services including:

–       Ethnocultural Support Services
–       Women’s Issues Network
–       PrideWestern
–       Ally Western
–       Food Support Service
–       Health and Wellness Service
–       The “I Know Someone” Campaign.

The Peer Support Centre is the location where students can go if they’re looking for a peer to talk to and be connected to campus and community resources. The PSC has moved to the second floor of the UCC and will be open again early February.

Fanshawe College has a similar program, known as the Positive Space Ally Program. It is dedicated to keeping campus a diverse and inclusive environment for every member.

About the Network

Emily Addison is the VP Internal for Western’s University Student Council and is responsible for advocating to Western administration on all issues effecting undergraduate student life. She says the network coordinators are responsible for voicing student concerns and holding awareness events each semester.

“You can’t just expect people to succeed academically if they’re not being supported outside of the classroom as well”

Surer Mohamed is the Ethnocultural Support Services Coordinator. She helps deal with student experience barriers that are related to religion, culture, and race while also promoting diversity and inclusion on campus.

She says the Peer Support Network is “more than just providing an equal space on campus. So, making sure the students have the opportunity to have their voices heard and their issues addressed.”

“You should be able to feel safe and get the education you deserve”, says Meghan Mann the Ally Western Coordinator, “why would you want to worry about who you are as a person when you’re trying to get an education.”

For students looking to connect or get involved, all of the network coordinators can be reached through their social media pages, the USC website, or USC VP Internal.


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