WATCH: Jesus Christ Superstar gets comical

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Musical Theatre Productions has been around London for almost 25 years …fostering relationships brought together by the love of music and acting. Producer of the upcoming Jesus Christ Superstar says that it is not uncommon to see two generations of family in one show. Multiple people have met their spouses while a member of MTP London.

Sam Shoebottom has been a member of MTP London since his first musical 1991 where he met his wife Angela Southern who will be co-directing with Sam for the upcoming Jesus Christ Superstar. But, they have decided to put an interesting twist on the now classic musical.

After discovering many origin stories in comic books mirror stories from the bible, they decided to add a comic twist. Each disciple and Jesus Christ, of course, has their own superhero counterpart based on the origin stories and characteristics that the two character share. For example, Jesus will also be Superman and Peter is Captain America.

The goal is to bring a new audience to Musical Theatre Productions that wouldn’t normally be interested. Producer Nicole Newell also is excited for the introduction of their cosplay day on April 8th, in which they are inviting the audience to dress up like their favorite superhero.

To buy tickets, you can visit the Grand Theatre box office or the Grand Theatre Website or MTP London. The show will run from April 3rd until April 11th at the McManus Theatre at The Grand Theatre.


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