Popular traffic app disclosing police whereabouts

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Popular traffic app disclosing police whereabouts

A popular traffic mobile app called “Waze” which is used to track traffic can also be used to track police whereabouts.

This mobile app has 50 million users in over 200 countries, and was purchased by google for $966 million.

This app offers free traffic warnings, car accident locations, speed trap locations, and traffic camera locations.

Waze users can mark a police location on maps, and a police icon shows up on that specific location. Users cannot tell what police are doing at that location, however,law enforcement is concerned that this app will allow people to hunt and harm the police.

Many officials believe this app is controversial and is a breach of public safety and privacy.

Los Angeles Police Chief,Charlie Beck,  says this app was used in the killing of two New York police officers on December 20. The instagram of the guman had a screenshot of Waze and threats against the police. However, investigators do not believe the app was used in the killing.

This is not the first app that has raised concerns in regards to public safety. In 2011, four U.S senators asked apple to remove all applications that alerted people on ride checks.

Google declined to comment when it was brought up in a National Sheriff’s Association meeting in Washington January 23. Google directed all comment to Waze spokeswoman, Julie Mossler, who said the company keeps safety and security in mind.



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