A Day at 589 Clarke Road.

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A Day at 589 Clarke Road.

People Helping People is an Keith organization focuses on closing the gap for people with long-life mental health issues and providing them with three hot meals a day, run by Keith Charles.

But after a fire at a home on Oxford St E, Charles and his organization have gotten some backlash.

The fire on Oxford St E claimed the life of one of the residents and opened the discussion on the living conditions for the residents, claims that the homes are unsanitary and unfit for people to life in.

Charles is being faced with some legal action due to this incident but he is still able to operate his organization.

With that being said, Charles allowed me to spend a day with him and the residents of 589 Clarke Rd.

Charles has had some scrutiny on the living conditions of the house and if it was unfit for his residents. Charles gave me a tour of the house from the basement to the upstairs bedrooms.

He explained to me that there are some patients that keep their rooms clean and there are other that don’t, but he wouldn’t say the living conditions are horrible to live in.

Besides the conditions of each bedroom the house didn’t look so bad in my opinion.

I was allowed to see what a day was like at 589 Clarke Rd. and what stood out to me what that how much of a family environment it was. Each resident ate together, smoked together, and helped each other out.

From time to time there were little arguments over when they were going to get their next cigarette to smoke, also an argument over a missing bag of sugar but at the end of the day each resident cares for one another . Which in my opinion shows people helping people.

A day at 589 Clarke Road

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