Monsters of Schlock Guinness record breaking tour hits Fanshawe

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Two of Canada’s most outrageous entertainers will be performing at Fanshawe College tonight as a part of their Record Breaking Tour.

During the show, Monsters of Schlock will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most suplexes through wooden tables in a minute. They currently hold the existing record of 6 tables and are aiming to destroy 8 more.


Breaking the Record

Orbax is the man attempting to break this record. He says he’s not looking forward to the pain his back felt last time.

“The biggest problem last time was that after doing it, we had to get on an airplane right away and fly to Prince Edward Island” he says, “so the hope this time is that we might actually get a chance to relax afterwards.”

Orbax says that the show tonight will be a mix of crazy stunts and comedy.

“The one thing we do is foster a good time. If you want to see two old men beat the crap out of each other for 90 minutes, then this is pretty much the show for you.”


Orbax pulling truck with shark hooks in his back. Photo screenshot from Monsters of Schlock YouTube profile

The comedian-entertainer duo currently holds a grand total of 15 Guinness World Records, a number that may very soon change. Orbax says his favourite performance of all time was towing a 9,000 pound truck for 111.7 meters using two shark hooks in his back.

Completing these stunts can be very demanding and cause physical harm to their bodies. “Pepper got hit in the face with a chainsaw which caused him to have to get 27 stitches” says Orbax, who has also had his fair share of injuries, “I’ve had third degree burns to 11% of my body, my face and head” which required a 5 month retirement from performing.

“We’ve gone through quite a bit. Broken bones and scratches and stuff are kind of par for the course, but those are a couple of the more dangerous, life threatening ones.”

Tonight’s Monsters of Shlock event is free to Fanshawe students and will take place in Forwell Hall starting at 8pm.

Monsters of Schlock overview:

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